BC Government's Groundbreaking Housing Legislation

BC Government's Groundbreaking Housing Legislation

In real estate news, the BC government has passed transformative legislation aimed at increasing housing density. This new law mandates multiplex zoning on all single-family lots and high-density development near transit areas in communities with more than 5,000 residents. Specifically, single-family lots larger than 3000 sq ft are now required to accommodate 4-6 units.

Additionally, the province has introduced transit-oriented development legislation. This policy stipulates a minimum building height of 8 stories, or more, depending on the proximity to a transit station. For instance, properties within 200 meters of a skytrain station must have a minimum of 20 stories. The province plans to designate around 100 transit-oriented development sites, with over 70 around skytrain stations, as illustrated in the map below (Source: Josh Messmer).

These legislative changes will likely reshape our neighborhoods in the coming years, especially once the housing market rebounds and construction activity increases.

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