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Burnaby, British Columbia, is a vibrant city that seamlessly marries its rich history with modern living. If you're considering making Burnaby your home, prepare to be captivated by a unique blend of culture, stunning natural landscapes, and a thriving real estate market.

A Glimpse into Burnaby's History: Burnaby's story begins with its indigenous roots, as it was home to Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years. However, it was the arrival of British settlers in the 19th century that marked the city's formal establishment. Today, Burnaby pays homage to its history through museums and heritage sites that tell the tale of its evolution. From the iconic Burnaby Village Museum to the preserved artifacts at the Burnaby Art Gallery, the city's history is celebrated and shared. Walking through Burnaby's neighborhoods, you'll find a rich tapestry of architectural styles, reflecting the city's growth over the decades.

Real Estate Trends and Lifestyle: Burnaby boasts a diverse real estate landscape, offering everything from cozy suburban homes to sleek urban condominiums with stunning mountain and city views. The real estate market in Burnaby has been on a steady rise, driven by its proximity to Vancouver, excellent transit options, and a thriving job market. Residents here enjoy a lifestyle that perfectly balances work and leisure. The city is home to an array of parks, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions. Burnaby Lake Regional Park, for instance, is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking, bird-watching, and water activities. The vibrant Metropolis at Metrotown shopping complex caters to every shopper's delight, while a diverse culinary scene ensures that your taste buds are always in for a treat. With excellent schools and a strong sense of community, Burnaby is more than a place to live; it's a place to thrive.

Making Burnaby Your Home: Burnaby, British Columbia, welcomes you to be part of its dynamic story. Whether you're drawn to its rich history, intrigued by the thriving real estate market, or seeking a balanced lifestyle that combines nature, culture, and modernity, Burnaby has it all. As you become part of this community, you'll discover that Burnaby isn't just a city; it's a place where history meets innovation, and where a vibrant future awaits.

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What is the housing market like in Burnaby today?
The median list price of homes in Burnaby, BC overall was $1,000,462 in September 2023, compared to $1,041,004 in August 2023, trending down by 3.89% month-over-month.

How hot is the Burnaby housing market? Burnaby is most competitive. Homes sell in 11 days.


The condo market in Burnaby has been experiencing significant growth and development. As a city that combines urban living with natural beauty, Burnaby attracts a diverse range of buyers. The demand for condos is driven by factors like affordability compared to Vancouver, proximity to downtown, and excellent public transit options. The market has seen a steady rise in prices, reflecting the strong demand. New developments are continually being added, offering modern amenities and sustainable living options. These trends are indicative of Burnaby's growing status as a desirable place to live for young professionals, families, and downsizers looking for quality living within the Greater Vancouver area.

Condos in Burnaby offer a more affordable and low-maintenance living option compared to single-family homes, which is a significant draw for many buyers. They are particularly appealing to first-time homebuyers, investors, and those looking to downsize. With the city's focus on high-density, transit-oriented development, many condos are strategically located near SkyTrain stations and major commercial hubs, enhancing their appeal. Additionally, condos in Burnaby often come with attractive amenities such as fitness centers, communal spaces, and security features, which add to the lifestyle appeal. The market for condos is robust, with both resale and new construction options available, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and budgets.

Burnaby boasts several neighborhoods that are popular for condo living. Metrotown is one of the most sought-after areas, known for having one of the largest shopping malls in Canada and excellent transit connections. Brentwood is another popular area, undergoing significant redevelopment with new high-rise condos and a growing retail and entertainment scene. Lougheed and the Heights are also attractive for their community feel and access to amenities. Each neighborhood offers its own unique lifestyle and advantages, from bustling urban centers to quieter, more residential settings, providing a range of options for prospective condo buyers.

Investing in a Burnaby condo can be a wise financial decision, particularly considering the city's growth, strategic location, and ongoing development. The demand for condos in Burnaby is bolstered by its proximity to Vancouver, more affordable pricing, and excellent transportation links. The rental market is strong, making condos a good option for investors looking for rental income. Additionally, the appreciation potential in a growing market like Burnaby's is a significant factor for long-term investment considerations. As with any real estate investment, it's important to research specific neighborhoods, building quality, and market trends to make an informed decision.

Prospective condo buyers in Burnaby should consider several factors. Location is key, especially proximity to public transit, amenities, and employment hubs. The reputation and reliability of the developer are important, particularly in new constructions. Understanding strata fees and what they cover, including maintenance and building amenities, is crucial. Buyers should also consider the layout and size of the condo, future resale potential, and the overall health of the condo's reserve fund. Assessing the community's rules and regulations and getting a sense of the neighborhood vibe can also help in making a decision that aligns with the buyer's lifestyle and long-term goals.

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