Who’s listing? Is everyone listing their home for sale?

Who’s listing? Is everyone listing their home for sale?

Walking my dog around my neighborhood, I feel like I’ve been noticing a lot more properties coming to market.

Or stated more specifically: a lot more than I’d expect given historical and seasonal patterns.

Where I live, it’s pretty rare to even see a new listing at all.

That’s because many of my neighbors are older homeowners determined to stay in their homes until the inevitable day of reckoning that comes for us all.

So when the “for sale” signs started getting punched into the ground around my neighborhood, I thought,

“Are all my neighbors suddenly kicking the bucket?”

I sure hope not!

I quite enjoy my neighbors, and that would be terribly sad.

And then I thought,

“Is this just a local phenomenon? Or is it part of a wider trend?”

Maybe you’ve noticed something similar?

If so, this post is for you.


Source: https://www.gvrealtors.ca/news-archive/who-s-listing-.html

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