Welcome to Portwood

​​​​​​​Home & Nature. Nurtured

A New Way Forward

Our 1-3 bedroom homes are positioned in the centre of a vastly untouched 23 acre green district and optimally connected to fast transport routes. Complemented by an abundance of unique amenities and family-friendly parks, trails, and daycare, Portwood is your place to thrive.


​​​​​​​Health & Leisure. Centre Stage.

Step outside your door and find dedicated bike lanes to get you to your destination, modern daycare facilities, shops, public art walk, and a curated selection of local boutiques that covers every craving, and more.

  • Café, Grocer & Boutique Retail
  • Modern Daycare Facilities
  • Playgrounds, Parks & Recreation


  • Homes for Families Large & Small
  • Interiors Imbued with Warmth & Light
  • Modern Architecture Blends with Nature

The Joinery

​​​​​​​Boutique shops, a grocer and a multi-use park.

Childcare Space

​​​​​​​11,800 square foot child care space.

Bike Paths

​​​​​​​Multi-use lanes for biking and walking.

Walking Trails

​​​​​​​1.5 kilometres of natural trails.

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