Vancouver Approves Groundbreaking Density Rezoning

Vancouver Approves Groundbreaking Density Rezoning

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In a unanimous decision that promises to reshape Vancouver's housing landscape, the Vancouver City Council has given the green light to a transformative motion that permits the construction of up to eight homes on a single lot. This revolutionary 'Missing Middle' housing strategy is a significant step forward in the city's ongoing efforts to address its housing crisis and make housing more accessible and affordable for its residents. Let's delve into the details of this groundbreaking motion and understand how it aims to change the face of Vancouver's neighborhoods.


The 'Missing Middle' Housing Strategy

Vancouver has long grappled with soaring housing prices and limited affordable options, making it increasingly challenging for both newcomers and long-time residents to secure suitable housing. The 'Missing Middle' housing strategy seeks to bridge this gap by encouraging the development of diverse housing types, including multiplex homes, duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes on single-family lots.

Key Highlights of the Motion

  1. Multiplex Homes: One of the most significant aspects of this motion is the introduction of multiplex homes as an option for new builds. This allows developers to create housing units with multiple residences on a single lot, offering a range of housing choices to prospective buyers.

  2. Character Home Additions: In a nod to preserving the city's architectural heritage, the motion includes an amendment that permits character homes to add units to their existing structures. This approach ensures that Vancouver's character homes can evolve to meet modern housing demands without losing their unique charm.

  3. Size Adjustments: The motion includes adjustments to the size of single-detached homes and new laneway houses. Single-detached homes will see a reduction in size, promoting efficient land use, while new laneway houses will enjoy increased dimensions, allowing for more spacious and comfortable living.

  4. Increased Density: Standard-size lots will now have the capacity to accommodate up to four housing units, while larger lots can hold as many as eight units. This increased density is expected to maximize land use and provide more housing options for the city's residents.

  5. Streamlined Zoning: The motion consolidates nine low-density residential zones into a single new residential inclusive zone, simplifying regulations and making it easier for developers and residents to navigate the zoning process.


The 'Missing Middle' housing strategy offers several advantages for Vancouver:

  1. Affordability: By diversifying the housing stock and increasing the supply of housing units, the strategy is likely to contribute to more affordable housing options for Vancouverites.

  2. Diverse Housing Choices: Vancouver residents will have access to a broader range of housing types, catering to different lifestyles and preferences, from character homes to modern multiplexes.

  3. Sustainable Urban Development: Encouraging higher-density housing within established neighborhoods can lead to more sustainable urban growth, reducing the need for urban sprawl and its associated challenges.

  4. Preservation of Character: The motion's provisions for character homes and size adjustments strike a balance between modernization and the preservation of Vancouver's unique architectural character.


The Vancouver City Council's unanimous approval of the 'Missing Middle' housing strategy is a landmark moment in the city's ongoing efforts to address its housing crisis. By permitting up to eight homes on a single lot and introducing a range of housing options, the city is taking bold steps toward creating a more inclusive and accessible housing market. While challenges may arise in implementation, this visionary approach is a testament to Vancouver's commitment to providing affordable and diverse housing for its residents while preserving the essence of its neighborhoods. Vancouver's 'Missing Middle' housing strategy sets a shining example for other cities grappling with similar housing challenges and points the way toward a more equitable and sustainable urban future.

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